PubSavvy apps were created by Diana Frame (yours truly) with invaluable help from iOS developers Dan Kwon and Aboveground Systems. I am a healthcare researcher who uses PubMed and other literature search tools on a daily basis at my company, Frame Research. I was inspired to create an iOS app in 2010 by the dearth of good options for searching published biomedical literature on mobile devices.

We became convinced that PubMed content should be more accessible to the casual user / non-medical civilian. PubSavvy Swipe was envisioned as a way to quickly load up content and browse results from the rich and constantly changing database of journal articles.

We encourage users to check out our app, and let us know your feedback - what works, what doesn't, and what you would like to see in future releases. If you like PubSavvy Swipe please take a moment to rate us in the App Store.

A word about the Random and Related searches

I've watched a lot of people, including myself, draw a blank when faced with an empty PubMed search box. Since we wanted PubSavvy Swipe to be useful even if you don't have a particular search in mind, we decided to show some immediate search results on the "Random" screen. We tried to craft some endlessly refreshed background searches which give you abstracts likely to contain interesting clinical content, without being too repetitive or too restrictive. The backbone search we came up with shows the most recently-added citations in NLM's core clinical journals. In addition, the app rotates through some other general topic searches as well as the occasional hand-curated batch of 10 "themed" articles. We hope you find them a fun surprise. In the interest of transparency, you can find details of the current search terms, including the most recent themed collection, on our FAQ page.

The "Related" section is just that – articles related to those you've saved in the PubSavvy Swipe app or on your PubSavvy web account page. You can delve into the details of the PubMed algorithm for determining similar articles here. PubSavvy Swipe uses your three most recent Saved items to generate the list of Related articles. Note that not all articles have corresponding Related articles.

Brought to you by Frame Research

Diana Frame

Founder, MPH

The founder of Frame Research and a resident of Brooklyn, NY, Diana Frame has 15 years of experience in evidence-based medicine research, primarily systematic literature review. She has advised decision makers at academic centers as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device clients.